Happy 47th, Singapura!

Today is Singapore’s 47th year of independence. In my 6 years of residence here, I have witnessed continuous developments with their infrastructures, making their country even more beautiful. Not to mention the sustained cleanliness and discipline for which Singapore is well-known for.

As I was watching the National Day Parade held The Float @ Marina Bay (I watched only on TV for better view of what’s happening ;)), I was amazed (as usual!) by how everyone is united and dedicated to their country. The NDP is a big annual event for all Singaporeans. Representatives from different sectors participate in dances and parades; the national defense team exhibit their skills and passion for protecting their country. There were jet planes and fireworks. As always, it was beautiful!

I wished that someday, my beloved country — the Philippines — can be like that, too. Not in terms of celebrating our Araw ng Kalayaan big time, but more of being better citizens of the country.

Earlier that day, my friends and I went for a 12km walk from Yew Tee (somewhere West of Singapore) to Mandai Road (Northern part, near Singapore Zoo), passing through nature parks and bike trails. This is one of the few signs you can see in their parks:

Have you been to Singapore? It’s one big, beautiful garden. πŸ˜€

With all the recent flooding in the Philippines caused by habagat, I pray that everyone back home is safe… and when the land dries up, may they reflect on what has happened and try to be more aware of the effects of not caring enough for Mother Nature. Like Singapore, may we, Filipinos, aspire to make our country a clean and beautiful garden… at least for the sake of our children.