How to Make a Yoga Mat Bag (and make a friend happy) =)

One year and four months since my purchase of a sewing machine, cloths of different patterns and other sewing needs, I finally had time to sit down and make a project out of it. I made my very first yoga mat bag! I think I did well. Here it is…

Of course I cannot do it without my online tutorial. Thanks to Meream of

It will be my Christmas gift for my very good friend and yoga buddy, Maddy. I hope she likes it!:)

Christmas Projects

For Filipinos, Christmas time usually starts when the -BER months come—SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER and DecemBER. People start to put up their Christmas trees and decors, and to go to the mall for Christmas shopping.

Since we will be spending our Christmas in Singapore, I thought of decorating our place (our small bedroom at least, since we don’t have much space in the living room), on a budget though. I went to Daiso (S$2 shop) and found all the things I needed there.

Here’s what I made:

Project #1: Christmas lampshade



These are stencils sold in packs of two. They are sticked inside the lampshade with clear tape. Cost: S$2.00.

Project #2: Little Christmas Tree

Things I used:
– cone-shaped plastic megaphone
– garlands made of colored foil
– small Christmas balls



The garlands are wrapped around the megaphone and the balls are tied to the garland. It’s that easy. Only thing is I’m not sure how long it will last as the garlands are sticked only with clear tape. I don’t worry much about it though coz I might change the design of my little Christmas tree next year. This is how it looks like now:


And since I have no star or angel to place on top yet, I let my drop-of-blood-shaped Christmas squeezeball (or humpty dumpty, as my friend calls it) sit there for the meantime. Isn’t it cute?

Total cost of the tree is S$8.00.

Making up your home for the Christmas need not be expensive. By using your imagination and creativity, you can create something to brighten up the holiday spirit.