Singapore Night Festival 2012

Night Festival 2012 in Singapore is only until today (Event dates: 24-25, 31 August and 01 September 2012). Since we were around the city area last night, we went to the National Museum of Singapore, one of the Night Festival’s event venues.

During our last visit there, we were not able to finish the tour at the Singapore History Gallery so we thought of heading straight to that area. We got our “companion” at the entrance and went on our “guided” tour through Singapore’s history.

Our “companion”-slash-tour guide
Photo credit: Cnet Asia

The “companion” is like a big iPod Classic, complete with earphones, and even comes with lanyard so you can use it hands-free. This device allows you to go about the tour at your own pace.

If you follow the tour in detail, a day might not be sufficient. And since we went there at around 11pm (museum was open only until 2am), we just went to areas which we found to be significant, such as, Singapore’s “kampong” (Malay word for “village”) era, their merge with Malaysia, its development through the years, and the leadership of modern Singapore’s founding father and first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew.

Before we got to the exit, we noticed people posing for photos, so we took a peek. There was a 3D pavement art by Joe Hill, right at the lobby of the museum. I have heard about his works at Bugis, and seen some of them on the internet. I thought they are cool.

“If you jump, I jump…” ❤
(taken using Instagram, Brannan filter)

Here are some of Joe Hill’s other works:

Amazing, right? To see more of his 3D pavement art, please visit

National Museum of Singapore is at 93 Stamford Road Singapore 178897. FREE admission from 6pm to 8pm DAILY. For more visiting information, please visit their website.

Happy 47th, Singapura!

Today is Singapore’s 47th year of independence. In my 6 years of residence here, I have witnessed continuous developments with their infrastructures, making their country even more beautiful. Not to mention the sustained cleanliness and discipline for which Singapore is well-known for.

As I was watching the National Day Parade held The Float @ Marina Bay (I watched only on TV for better view of what’s happening ;)), I was amazed (as usual!) by how everyone is united and dedicated to their country. The NDP is a big annual event for all Singaporeans. Representatives from different sectors participate in dances and parades; the national defense team exhibit their skills and passion for protecting their country. There were jet planes and fireworks. As always, it was beautiful!

I wished that someday, my beloved country — the Philippines — can be like that, too. Not in terms of celebrating our Araw ng Kalayaan big time, but more of being better citizens of the country.

Earlier that day, my friends and I went for a 12km walk from Yew Tee (somewhere West of Singapore) to Mandai Road (Northern part, near Singapore Zoo), passing through nature parks and bike trails. This is one of the few signs you can see in their parks:

Have you been to Singapore? It’s one big, beautiful garden. 😀

With all the recent flooding in the Philippines caused by habagat, I pray that everyone back home is safe… and when the land dries up, may they reflect on what has happened and try to be more aware of the effects of not caring enough for Mother Nature. Like Singapore, may we, Filipinos, aspire to make our country a clean and beautiful garden… at least for the sake of our children.

I Do!

When I was in high school, my best friend and I believed that a woman should marry before she reaches her 30’s. I married just in time, 2 months before my deadline. 🙂

Here are some photos of our special day that I would like to share with you:

I am so lucky to have sisters who are creative (We are 6 sisters, btw 🙂 I’m sister #1.). This cake topper was hand-made by sister #2 out of clay (which she got for me as pasalubong from the cruise ship she’s working in). Sister #3 loves photography so she took our prenup photos; sister #4 is into graphic arts–she designed our invitations and photobooth template. The younger ones have taste in fashion. I consult them for the dresses.

I love the color of my flowers! They make a pretty contrast with my dress.

I learned from my wedding photographers that good natural lighting creates great photos! All my photos are unedited. 😀

I mentioned that we are 6 sisters, right? Here’s a photo of us:

And of course, let me introduce to you the loving father of these gorgeous ladies 😉

We tied the know at Our Lady of Remedies Parish (more commonly known as “Malate Church”) in Malate, Manila.  Here are some of the photos taken at the Church.

This photo is one of my favorites!

The Church interior looks beautiful from this angle.

And we’re blessed… look at how the water beads were captured by the camera. 🙂

The kids were well-behaved…

During holy communion, the people were reminded not to leave their bags behind…

Priest: “You may kiss the groom!”

At the reception, while our guests are busy filling up their tummies with the delicious food from Hizon’s Catering, we are busy with more photo-taking.

While watching the AVPs prepared by sister #4 and by our friend from Singapore, this moment was captured. The green lighting from the backdrop created a cool effect on the photo.

To view the rest of the photos, you can check out my Facebook page.

We’re very much grateful to everyone who made this wedding possible.

Malate Church and The Pergola, both beautiful venues for our ceremony and after-wedding party

– Jamie Lihan, Madoka Kashiwazaki and Sanny Latinas of Imagine Nation Photography for the wonderful photos

– Melissa Medilo for my pretty bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses

Leggiero Strings for the great music at the reception

To our friends and relatives who joined us and witnessed our special day; to our family for their love and support, and; to the man who I will be spending the rest of my life with… thank you!

This is a day for remembering all the beautiful things that have been and a day for looking forward to all the beautiful things yet to come…